This is the first part of our ever extending roadmap! All features will be available from the beginning! No loosy announcements for the future! Roadmap will be extended for the 2nd part soon!


On mintday you will be able to mint your InfinityEggs. It will be launched through the Fair Launch Protocoll, the give everyone the same fair chances to get a BabyDrake!


After a hatching period you will get a BabyDrake. Now comes the fun part. You can either decide to keep the BabyDrake or fuse it together with another BabyDrake to a TeenageDrake. Fusing two TeenageDrakes together will result in the final KingDrake. There are a maximum of 2,500 Kingdrakes flying in the SolanaVerse. Best thing? Instant available on Launch day!

.04InfinityBattle (Starting Jan 5th!)

Every KingDrake has different abilities and now they come into play! Every month an online event will be held, where you will be able to fight a HyperDrake with your Drakes and get prizes if you succeed! The Royalties are paid out in form of prizes!

.05$FIRE Token

We will simultaneously introduce the $FIRE-Token, that you can earn by participating in the InfinityBattle! The value of the token will be supported by Royalties.


Fees suck! Therefore the InfinityMarketplace will have 0% Fees when trading your InfinityDrakes! You will not only be able to buy and sell the Drakes, but also trade them!